Pumpkin Lovato

  This week- **The baby and I are at 38 weeks-looking strong and healthy! We have two weeks to go…Michael and I have been debating if she will be a Libra or a Scorpio. She is as big as a pumpkin and I have gained 29lbs so far. In the meantime, Michael continues to lose … Continue reading

Week 31-Pineapple

With only nine weeks to go, baby girl is the size of a PINEAPPLE. You can check out her progress here. I have been taking very nice walks everyday with my main homegirl Luna Lovato.  We normally take these walks first thing in the morning, and I have I really come to love this part … Continue reading

Acorn Squash Lovato-Week 29

Baby girl is getting longer and more plump by the day and I can feel her kicks and punches constantly. This is a nice little description from “the BUMP” about what is going on with baby girl  here. The past three weeks of my pregnancy have been the happiest moments during my past 29 weeks. … Continue reading

Rutabaga Lovato-27 weeks

What the heck sort of vegetable is a Rutabaga anyway??  The first definition that I saw on google gave me this… and it made me worry that it wasn’t a veggie at all! Thankfully she is only going to be this size for one short week.  I would much rather think of her as something more appealing…like a sweet … Continue reading

Let-Tus entertain you Lovato!

This is Week 26. Our baby is the size of a head of lettuce! She is getting bigger and bigger and taking up more and more of my belly. This week I have experienced a bit more of pregnancy insomnia and I have experienced the uncomfortable feeling of my abs and skin stretching. Ugh. It … Continue reading

Flower Lovato-week 25

Week 25! Our baby is the size of a bunch of  Cauliflower. I managed to make it through a very challenging week last week. Last Wednesday I lost my beloved whippet, Blue, who was my constant companion for 15 years. The hole in my heart has been deep and I am looking forward to forgetting … Continue reading

Week 23 Update!

How big is baby girl Lovato? She is about 10.5-11.8 inches this week. And she is 12.5-20 oz. She is the size of a grapefruit! My next ultrasound is in two weeks. I am so excited to see her beautiful little profile again. I can’t wait!  Doctors Appointments:  My last appointment was this past Tuesday. I … Continue reading